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1. Technical design of irrigation, road, bridge, water supply, and environmental infrastructure;

2. Technical design of civil and industrial works and technical infrastructure;

3. Geological and geodesic investigation;

4. Construction supervision: road, bridge, hydropower, irrigation, civil and industrial works. Supervision areas: construction and perfection;

5. Construction supervision: water supply equipment installation. Water environment and civil construction;

6. Construction supervision: civil and industrial structure. Supervision area: equipment installation and mechanical technology;

7. Planning and architectural design;

8. Installation of water supply, drainage, radiator, and air conditioner systems. Industrial equipment installation;

9. Construction of houses. Construction of civil technical structure;

10. Project preparation, management, and implementation. Bidding document preparation and appraisal. Appraisal of project and total cost estimates;

11. Investment consultancy (excluding law and finance).

Tags: design, construction, supervision, water, irrigation, drainage, project, preparation, FS, DD, bid, appraisal, consultancy.

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