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Sustainable Development Consulting Corporation (SDCC) team with qualified and experienced experts provide investment and business consultancy services to investors in Vietnam. Thanks to the collection of professional – recognized manpower, it is very proud for SDCC to deal with complex consulting projects for enterprises in Vietnam. The keys of our success are thanks to the expertise, experience, the profound understandings of norms, customs, and culture of Vietnam, deep perception of client psychology, and the fluency of English and over all, the dedicated personal service of our consultants. Besides, having our broad relationship with partners, we deliver investment expertise and service to both institutional and private investors

A. General Introduction
Over the past thirty years during process of ‘Doi moi’ (reform), the economy of Vietnam has been engaged in making the shift from (i) being central controlled to market oriented; (ii) closed-door to open-door; and (iii) dependency on natural resource exploitation to sustainable development.

This shift has created new challenges and demands for both domestic and international investors, donors, development program and project implementers, national and provincial governments. Meeting these challenges and demands requires the services of highly qualified and experienced consultants.

Sustainable Development Consulting Corporation (SDCC) was founded in 2002 to meet these challenges and demands and to maximise the capabilities of its internationally qualified team of consultants. SDCC was originally incorporated under the form of Limited Company. However, under the needs for expansion of its activities, the firm was converted to the form of Joint Stock Company in April 2009.

Since its incorporation, SDCC has established itself as a key player in development projects for various central and provincial authorities in Vietnam. It has gained recognition from major clients as a professional consulting company offering high quality consulting and efficient services. SDCC’s experts are highly qualified, creative, practical, cooperative and innovative.

Our clients include:
- International donors, such as the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, International Monetary Fund, JBIC, and SIDA;
- Development programs and projects in all economic sectors;
- International and domestic consulting firms;
- INGOs.

SDCC can:
- Provide consulting services within its expertise areas for development projects;
- Provide highly qualified and experienced consultants to work with international consultants;
- Support clients in building methodologies to implement projects efficiently and smoothly. Encourage and support people at grassroots level to provide inputs and engaging in regular, substantive discussions with policy-makers of both national and provincial governments.
- Integrate and support freelance consultants working throughout Vietnam.
- Provide a forum for international and domestic consultants to exchange experience and lessons learned from development projects;
- Train future generations of consultants to cope with increasing national and international requirements.

There are some misconceptions and competing ideas about consulting services in Vietnam. This is because some consulting firms do not understand their clients very well, meet difficulties in accessing available information, have an inadequate network of qualified and experienced experts and have failed to set up a nationally based core working groups for projects.

SDCC offers clients a comprehensive and advanced project and activity coordination based on risk analysis, quality assurance and future business development. One key point which sets SDCC apart from our competitors is the existence of an advisory board with experienced advisors holding senior positions in government bodies and the private sector; our team of internationally qualified consultants; and our effective management skills and innovative thinking.

B. Personnel and Experience
The SDCC’s personnel consists of 15 enthusiasm leading experts and young engineers and 30 collaborators in areas of water resources, civil construction, economics, transport, forestry, energy, social study, environment, etc. In the past years, SDCC provided consulting services for ODA projects in the fields of market research, irrigation, disaster mitigation, and community development funded by international donors, such as ADB, WB, and AFD.

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