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Over the past thirty years during process of ‘Doi moi’ (reform), the economy of Vietnam has been engaged in making the shift from (i) being central controlled to market oriented; (ii) closed-door to open-door; and (iii) dependency on natural resource exploitation to sustainable development.

This shift has created new challenges and demands for both domestic and international investors, donors, development program and project implementers, national and provincial governments. Meeting these challenges and demands requires the services of highly qualified and experienced consultants.

Sustainable Development Consulting Corporation (SDCC)
was founded in 2002 to meet these challenges and demands and to maximise the capabilities of its internationally qualified team of consultants. SDCC was originally incorporated under the form of Limited Company. However, under the needs for expansion of its activities, the firm was converted to the form of Joint Stock Company in April 2009.

Since its incorporation, SDCC has established itself as a key player in development projects for various central and provincial authorities in Vietnam. It has gained recognition from major clients as a professional consulting company offering high quality consulting and efficient services. SDCC’s experts are highly qualified, creative, practical, cooperative and innovative.

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