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Funding source: ADB

Narrative description of Project:
To support the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) to implement key aspects of the Second Upper Secondary Education Project (USEDPII). The impact of the Project will be improved employability of a young and growing labour force aged 18–24 in Viet Nam. The Project’s outcome will be improved readiness of Upper Secondary School (USS) graduates for tertiary and vocational career development.

Description of actual services provided in the assignment:

1. Provide all necessary support to the CPMU in ensuring the smooth and efficient implementation of the Project

2. Enhancing Quality of Upper Secondary Education to the International Standards

3. Increased Access and Retention to Upper Secondary Education

4. Strengthening of Planning and Management of USE

5. Support for Project Implementation, Quality Assurance (i.e. civil works, equipment, procurement, financial and disbursement management), and Monitoring and Evaluation

Tag: upper secondary education, project, procurement, public private partnership, MOET, SDCC, ADB

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