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The increasing unrest in Hong Kong is affecting businesses in one of the world's biggest commercial hubs.
Big budget ads are already gracing our screens but do they actually benefit the big brands behind them?
A number of World Trade Organization countries have asked for compensation over Brexit.
The $13bn listing would be the world's largest this year and comes amid growing unrest in Hong Kong.
Months of anti-government protests have taken their toll on the territory's economy.
Lloyds TSB shareholders claim they were "mugged" when Lloyds took over the lender.
The plans would double or treble the number whose wages are set by government, a think tank says.
The rail scheme faces huge cost overruns, but it's not the only big project behind schedule and over budget.
Few victims' families were able to attend the covering over of the Ethiopian Airlines crash site.
Without a new deal, victims of money transfer fraud could be left without protection from January.
The world's largest public bank is to stop backing oil, gas and coal projects at the end of 2021.
Labour would part-nationalise BT to deliver the policy and tax tech giants to help cover the £20bn cost.
A post worth just £104 in 2014 is now banking £1,276 a report suggests.
About 1,300 exhibitors are expected at the biggest aerospace and defence event of the year.
Two snail farms in the US are now allowing top restaurants to switch from canned to fresh supplies.
As part of a new BBC blog series, Katie Holden shares what she spent her money on this week.
Ride-hailing app Uber is far from the first company to change prices according to customer numbers.
The US-China over artificial intelligence is heating up, but some warn the US could be over-reacting.
How Lisa Vanderpump juggles being a TV star with running a multimillion dollar business empire.
Streaming games services will offer an alternative to the traditional console, but will they kill off?